"Love and Miracles"
A gift made for Dorothy by Artist and client, Juliana Mansberger

What people have said about
Dorothy Lee Donahue and Love and Miracles

Dorothy's treatments/energy sessions are THE most powerful I've ever experienced, the highest attunement. Words really cannot describe what she gives. One session with her put my life on track. Love and miracles, as it says on her card, are what I experienced and the beautiful effects continue to ripple weeks later. She's a healer's healer, a teacher's teacher. I'm so grateful to have found her. She opened a channel in me so that I can sense the presence of my guidance. She is priceless.
— Marguerite Baca, Yoga Instructor

To experience Dorothy’s expertise with crystals, colored lights, sound and channeling you must be able to temporarily suppress your judgmental mind, be calm and let the power of her hands and touch open new vistas of your inner self. This is not a spectator’s sport. It is an inner journey that you alone take. It may make you laugh or make you cry or simply bring you peace of mind. Whether in a group meeting or a private session, no one but you will know the depth of your personal experience of this wondrous journey of your mind, spirit and body, leaving behind tension, stress, the cares of the day and perhaps you will take away a little enlightenment if you can believe the truths revealed by your own mind.
— Lorrie De Spain

I saw Dorothy at a tough time in my life. My business was suffering and I was fearing financial devastation. She showed me the tools to put my life and my business into a positive prospective. The day after my visit with her I had more business than I could handle! I have continued to attract clients to my massage practice at a steady pace which I can handle. I feel more connected to my guides and have the faith to call on them and better yet, listen to their wisdom. Thank you Dorothy. I am so grateful for your work and will return for "tune-ups" as I need them.
— Tracey Lontos, Massage Therapist

Dorothy is truly one of the most gifted healers, teachers and counselors that I've ever had the great honor to know and experience. She is in close communication with her guides (and let's just say that her guides have some very impressive reputations!) and while her approach may vary from client to client (and even from session to session), she has the uncanny ability to identify the true heart of the matter. What is perhaps the most important aspect of Dorothy's work is that she recognizes that she is also having a human experience, and as such, she is actively working to incorporate the lessons she offers to others in her own life. This is the mark of a true healer: someone who understands that only through the process of healing ourselves and pursuing our own spiritual growth, can we assist others in doing the same for themselves.

Dorothy's energy work truly defies description-it's something that must be experienced first-hand. It is, perhaps, the most powerful way to accelerate one's own spiritual progress. When the energy channels have been opened and strengthened, all that's left is for each individual to take advantage of the newfound clarity and actually choose to make the desired changes in his or her life. The choices aren't always easy, even if they're very clear (and I speak from personal experience!). But we are always solely responsible for our own lives and our own healing process; Dorothy's guidance (and her guides) can help us to see this more clearly. The rest is up to us.
— Kevin Burk, Author, Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart and The Complete Node Book

The Energy and Information that comes through Dorothy is a highly beautiful experience. Like having a “Light” infusion that restores and heals your very being. Dorothy’s “work” is truly transformational and unconditionally loving. One needs only to be open in order to receive what is needed.
— Ajna Luminaria, Healer, Environmental & Feng Shui Consultant

I met Dorothy three years ago and I am so grateful to her Divine Presence in my life. For the prior 17 years, I was addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. Dorothy worked with me for a few months and a true miracle occurred. I am now totally free of all addictions. For the first time in almost two decades, I have a wonderful job, a home of my own, a rewarding relationship and a spiritual life. Without Dorothy, I know that I would be dead. Through her unconditional love, she did indeed co-create “Love and Miracles” in my life.
— Richard S.

What a magnificent gift Dorothy is to humanity. I went to Church every Sunday most of my life, but it was not until Dorothy placed a crystal on my forehead and filled my every cell with her healing energy, that I felt the presence of God. My life has been transformed in every sense of the word.
— Gary W.

Dorothy is “The Light Connection”. Unconditional Love is a language that can be heard by the deaf and seen by the blind. Being in Dorothy’s presence is being in the presence of God/conditional love. Her Divine Wisdom has assisted me in healing my life and myself. I thank God for her every day.
— Bill H.

Testimonials from Germany (2003)

Thank you Dorothy. It was such a big experience for me to meet you. I have known many healers, but you bring the real honest message from love to our heart. You really know what you are talking about. I realized that until now, I had never really loved myself and what not loving myself did to me. I realized that I had all the big trouble because I believed the darkness had big power and I used all the big power against me. But now, it is the END!! Never more!!!! “I was blind, but now I see” just as in the song Heike was singing. What an amazing voice. Thank you, God, thank you, angels and thanks dear Dorothy. I cannot explain how grateful I am and what Love and Miracles means to me!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
—Ulla Frank, Author, Artist and Healer

I experienced the light, the strength and the essence of love and the simplicity and the power of God. Healing, source and Love were brought to me through Dorothy. God’s blessing to you and all of your team with warm thanks.

This weekend, I found the “little Mechthild” again and I gave her the love that she has been waiting for, for so long. Now I can love myself!!! Now I am strong, have the courage and the strength to live out of my conviction. I will help people with all of my heart and with a lot of love. I am the love. I am the light. I will pass it to the others. I explored myself and my heart new!! Many thanks to all of you for everything.
—Mechthild Fisch, Healer

Dorothy, you do a wonderful and clear work. You make it uncomplicated to be a healer. You make me feel that it is ok to act from my heart and this gives me great security. I give my thanks to have met you and God bless you. It was wonderful to be together with all those loving people and to share the love, while healing, singing, and eating. Keep on doing this great work.
—Angelika Junghenn, Healer

It is so wonderful to be with Dorothy. She helped me to feel my true inner self again. I now know who I am. She helped me to feel my connection with God. Dorothy is wonderful and beautiful to me. She is Divine. She connects us all and helps us remember that we are all one and that everything is one. Where God is there is love. Love is God. I now can feel God’s love so deeply inside of me now, that it is an amazing grace. Healing happened inside of me. I thank God for this Love. God’s blessings and all of those great things are right here, right now.

I feel gratitude for being part of this seminar. Gratitude for Dorothy’s love and light and for the love and light from everyone who was here with me. This weekend was a wonderful gift.
—Mira Schroer, Reike Master, Belly Dance Instructor

Dearest Dorothy, I say thank you, thank you, thank you to you and to God and every being that was and is with us today for a filled to completion with love, heart, energy, light, truth, a warm embrace of spirit and quite all that ever was and all that is and that ever will be…total completion.
—Claudia, Reike Master and Energy Healer

This weekend is my 3rd workshop with Dorothy and it deepened again very intensely my knowledge so that I can finally work with the divine light power of my heart and that this process is not reversible. There are no more doubts, no more worries and no more questions. I have been led to my purpose in life by an absolutely loving and powerful God and Dorothy will always be at my side.
—Dr. Christoph Reusch

Today was a very good and beautiful day for me. During the session, I drifted away into other wonderful dimensions with much light and I will keep the light inside of me and be the light I came here to be.
—Dietlinde Zalm

Today was a very special day for me. This experience is really unique for me. Because I am working on my parent issues right now, it was really no coincidence that I came to do the workshop. Many thanks to you, Dorothy, for the wonderful experience.
—Monika, Energy Healer

Right now after my experience, I feel a little confused and overwhelmed but very peaceful. As I was lying on the table, there were a few moments that were so intense that it scared me a little, so I was somewhat restless. Sometimes I had the feeling that I couldn’t hold the stones anymore, but I stayed with it. It was a very enriching experience by all means and a very lovable one. Many thanks.
—Marion Berlauer

Thank you for preparing me well. I went home to God for a short time! I heard the music from home! The eye of God was shown to me! I was in the surrounding of my spirits! I am healed and I begin to live!

I saw a wonderful light in all different colors and shapes that don’t exist on earth. It was a dance of the soul with the angels. Sometimes, the light was so intense that I felt like God was there in person. I was home and happy and didn’t have any other desire than to be. I was in deep peace with myself and everything else. I am in peace, in light and love. I thank you from the depth of my heart.
—Beate Wicker

I experienced the Light, the strength and the essence of Love, the simplicity and the power of God. I experienced myself in God and God in me. Healing, source, presence of God. I thank you, Dorothy, with all of my heart, that you made this experience possible. I feel blessed and I bless you on your path. In Love and Gratitude…..
—Sigrid Thelen-Schult

Thank you Dorothy. I made peace with my parents and felt how much I love them. I was very happy to hear that I should write and light up the world with my words. I lost my fears about negative thoughts, to drown to be alone and disease. Sometimes, I had a bad conscience about feeling in the need of help or unloved at all when I head Dorothy’s story. I wish I could make others as happy as she makes me. At the end of the session I saw many, many lights, patterns, faces, places and diagrams and enjoyed my rich inner world. I felt touched gently and since then I feel loved and accepted. Avery old wound is simply healed.
—Isabelle Reif

I have found a very good way to realize my calling from Dorothy. I give my thanks for helping me to remember that I can realize everything that I want. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mother/Father God and thank you, Dorothy.
—Georg Ott

It is a very good experience to be in these workshops. I learned very much of my presence and the miracles of the future. I liked the exercise of “making peace with your parents” very much. I know that I love my parents very deeply now. I am very grateful that I have been here to meet you and all of the other wonderful people around you. I thank God for all blessings he has given me and will give me. And so many things for Dorothy!! PS: After my last session I felt lighter and in inner peace. I felt unconditional love. Thanks for all and the best for you………
—Heidemarie Prodoehl

In my life, I have experienced many teachers and healers. No one before Dorothy has made an impression so clear to me that I carry all of the knowledge inside of me and I do know. Even though she didn’t tell me anything new, she turned kind of a switch in me that helped me to remember that I know everything and to understand. I do understand now!!! Thank you, Dorothy, Thank you God.
—Ernst Hiesberger

This seminar was very spiritual. Many thanks for this wonderful experience.
—Peter Ericksen

I went to heaven. It is wonderful. I saw many wonderful colors. I felt the light and warmth and my heart opened again. I am very, very, very thankful and full of joy. I am a new person. Life is wonderful.
—Ute Reusch

Dorothy changed my life. I have to change my plans from before Dorothy and the time that begins now. There is no more doubt and no more questions. I know my path now and I also know that I am led and accompanied by God’s power and his powerful helpers. I thank God for sending Dorothy to me and for the grace of his blessings that I got from her in the days I spent with her and I will keep them with me from now on.
—Dr. Christoph Reusch

Being with Dorothy is a wonderful experience! She shares power, courage and love. Through the work with her, I got the feeling that my time in sadness my worse time is over for now and forever. I am absolutely sure!! I thank her from my heart for her loving and supporting work with me. Thank you for EVERYTHING. I have the feeling that everything is good now. Thank, you.
—Mechthild Fisch

I understand now that I am not a victim, but the creator of my life. I understand that I create my very own personal life only with my thoughts. So the most important thing for me is to take very, very good care of my thoughts. Thoughts are energy. I either choose dark thoughts or light thoughts. Thoughts are God’s instrument he gave us because we are a part of him. So, I have to clean this blessed instrument every day like I clean my face, my body, my teeth, every day. Thank you God. My lovely greatest love…
—Melita Karmuth

Dear Dorothy. I feel really good. Thank your for everything. I am sure that my life is changed because of you. All the best for you!

It was a really nice experience! I had such good and positive feelings when Dorothy talked with me. I increased my understanding and Dorothy helped me to recognize how important it is to first love myself. By now, I understand better why my parents can’t love me in the way I would like to be loved. Thank you, Dorothy. We will see each other again.
—Verena Hensel

Meeting Dorothy was such a wonderful experience. I felt comfortable, understood and loved. And I hope to see Dorothy again because I love her. I got all of the answers to my questions and I know I am o the right path. I will follow Dorothy’s advice and I thank her for her great help and her warm understanding, clear communication and unconditional love.
—Marion Beier

I can now accept that I am a healer and a channel. I have given ump all of my doubts and I am thankful and grateful and I love to be who I am. This is my work.
—Marcella Ohle

My experience with Dorothy was wonderful. She is so full of compassion and also so clear and one with the Mother earth. She helped me to let me feel in a very deep and high level to be all-in-one with God and the angels. I was able to be so quiet and in deep trust to go my way through all circumstances and through all trouble in the world helping the transforming light and all people, animals and plants in the evolution process. I got the feeling to be right on my way and to decide in choosing love and light and letting go of all fear. Thank you,
—Dorothea Rafieshad

I found a woman with great awareness and wisdom. Dear Dorothy made me feel understood and heard. I was gently reminded of many things I knew before, but now it seems as if I would not even know them only with my mind but also with and in my heart. I feel now very serene and touched deep in my heart. I am curious how my life will change now. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
—Heike Moeller

I have studied many books about spirituality. Previously, I gained a lot of philosophy and wisdom but I never really practiced my knowledge. I met Dorothy and all the light filled things I read in Kryon books and others are like a fluent light now through my mind and my body. I feel happy, free and light. Thank you dearest Dorothy, thank you very much.
—Pary Pollak

Dear Dorothy, I thank you so much that you have come to Germany and I have met you. You helped me remember myself and made it clear to me that I am through with the hard part of my life. You showed me that I have to do the important step to find the unconditional love for my parents. You are such a wonderful woman and a lovely channel of Jesus Christ. You are so real and true and absolutely in your heart. I thank you a lot, that I could meet you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
—Ulla Frank

Thank you, Dorothy, for a very deep and essential work. You help us remember very important things. I feel deeply encouraged to live my dreams and to trust in my power and possibilities. My heart is open. I am very thankful. I am deeply touched.
—Christoph Goebel

I am truly, truly grateful to have been a part of a weekend of Love and Miracles. I felt my heart open and it still sings with joy, having been touched deeply and profoundly by millions of angels. The transformation of me and others was magnificent. I love the move of the rest of my life and I’m so excited about the people who have come into my life through this seminar and for the doors that opened and the bright future ahead of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.
—Anke Kramer

You have brought so much more light into my life and therefore, I am very grateful to you. I now know what I will do here and I like doing it with a lot of love. Your work is wonderful and I hope that you will reach a lot of people like me so that we can finish our work here on earth. You made me whole. Thank you.
—Christiane Luecke

Dear Dorothy, I am very happy that I did the seminar with you. With your help, I anchored all of my knowledge that I’ve been carrying with me for so many years. I know exactly now, without any doubt, that I can heal and live my life like I want to in joy, happiness, abundance, health and everything else. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
—Susanne Edelmann

I feel the ease and the power with which I can change and improve things through controlling my thoughts. My thoughts create my reality. I have learned to listen to my inner voice with knowing that my inner voice knows the truth. I live more in my heart and I am a channel for God. Because of this, I feel my inner satisfaction, harmony, peace and love, love, love. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God, Dorothy, Heike, Anke and everyone else I met at the seminar. I learned so much from all of you.
—Melanie Boehmer

I was able to experience how much love and power truly is inside of me. I was able to accept my greatness and feel, see and share what I can be if I trust myself to be who I came here to be. Thank you, Dorothy.

I feel the love, the warmth and peace that Dorothy is sending and I know now that we are all connected each other. We are God’s children and we are worthy. My heart and my soul are open now and I want to share this with other people. Love yourself!!!! Dorothy opens all those things that are sleeping inside of you and in everything that exists on the planet. Thank you God. Thank you Dorothy.
—Liane Ott