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Via spiritual guidance and conscious co-creation, I help bring what you've seen or heard in "The Secret*" into discernable form.

  For 30 years, I've been teaching the lessons you've heard about or seen in "The Secret".  In Los Angeles and San Diego, CA, I help people expand and unravel the lessons of the universe (Ie. the Law of Attraction) and assist them in incorporating these laws into their everyday lives.  

     It is my goal to:

  • Help you live a life based in Love versus Fear
  • Expand your consciousness in a safe and loving environment
  • Accelerate your spiritual progress
  • Merge you with your Higher Self
  • Help you reclaim your power
  • Free you of old habits of mind
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Expansion of Consciousness with the use of the Tesla Star

Open a Star Gate in Your Own Home and the Reasons Why You Should!
I've helped hundreds of people over the years with my gift and I would love to speak with you about any issues that you believe are dominating your life.  Life is to be lived happily and enjoyed!  Contact me today about setting up an appointment to rid yourself of negative controlling influences and about getting back on the right track to happiness. It's what God intended for us!

Dorothy Lee Donahue and Love and Miracles




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